Soccer (Futsal)

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for participants to enjoy a fun, respectable and safe playing environment, with the prospect of meeting new people. Organized Social Sports are open to UFV students, alumni, faculty and staff. We require that all participants present their UFV Campus Card. All participants will be required to sign a waiver before using UFV athletic facilities.

All Social Sports have assigned Sport Organizers who are responsible for providing a safe, fun-first and inclusive sport environment, they set the rules and act as referees or umpires during games.

League information and registration documents are on, under the Campus Recreation organization.

  • Sign-in to
  • If you haven’t already done so, Join the “Campus Recreation” Organization
  • Under the document’s section download the Soccer Team Reg Form 2018 or the Free Agent Registration
  • Submit registration by email ( or by dropping off the form at the Client Service desk (E150), next to the gym.
  • Check your email for further confirmation of registration and final steps.

DEADLINE to sign-up has been extended!! Don’t delay! First game is Oct 18

Games will be scheduled on Mondays and some Thursdays (7:00-7:30PM and 7:30-8:00PM). The team that wins the overall league will get a chance to play against the Trinity Western University Intramural Soccer Champ at the end of November.

General Rules for Drop-In

Futsal League rules can be found on

All participants who participate in Campus Recreation activities must be wearing appropriate footwear (NO bare feet, sandals, or flip flops – marking shoes not advised)

Section 1: Players

  • All players must check in with the sport organizer and sign-in prior to the game. You may be asked to show your UFV Campus Card so it is important to bring it with you every time.
  • Warm-up time varies with net set-up time. Warm-up is up to the individual
  • Teams decided by Sport Organizers. Sport Organizers reserve the ability to change players’ teams to equal out the skill levels.
  • Three teams will be organized for large player turn out
  • Six players per team on at a time: five out plus a goalie


  • Fluid subs: subs will go on when clear and tap out players while play continues (Sport Organizers will help determine who and when if needed). All subs must stay behind the green line.
  • Substitutions on the fly every 2.5 minutes or when needed (Sport Organizers will time and organize subs)
  • Teams to play first determined by organizers (all teams will have equal chance to play regardless of the starting teams)

Section 2: The Game

  • First ball determined by coin flip
  • 5 minute games
  • Stop play at the whistle
  • Winner stays on for first game only, afterwards the team that has played two games back to back switches


  • Out line is green line across the length of the gym, just before the bleachers. All other walls are fair-game to play off of.
  • If passed green line, free kick on or behind the line to bring back into play (ball must be stationary)
  • Play continued if the ball hits the basketball hoops or ceiling
  • If ball falls behind mats on opposite wall, free kick on the black line to bring back into play
  • If ball is behind or on top of the net, it is out and keeper’s possession
  • Keeper’s crease will be marked with floor tape

Section 3: Penalty Rules

  • Everything you need to know about possible infractions or penalties during play. Click HERE to read them.

Music Policy:

Music will be played by drop-in organizers, or with their permission

Code of Conduct and the Spirit of Competition:

By voluntarily participating in a Campus Recreation sports and events, ALL participants agree to the following:

  • Participation will be guided by integrity, reflected in the pursuit of winning only by legitimate means
  • Facilities and equipment will be treated with care and respect in a manner that ensures their maintenance is kept and use is preserved
  • Respect for the rules shall be demonstrated by adherence to both written rules and accepted standards and conducts of fair play
  • Sport Organizers shall be respected and their decisions accepted without argument
  • All participants, be they teammates or opponents, are worthy of respect and shall be treated accordingly
  • Violence and intimidation have no place within Campus Recreation and will be not be tolerated
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Indigenizing at UFV

The University of the Fraser Valley is situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Stó:lō peoples. The Stó:lō have an intrinsic relationship with what they refer to as S’olh Temexw (Our Sacred Land); therefore, we express our gratitude and respect for the honour of living and working in this territory.

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