Quick Reference on how to play dodgeball

  • The goal is to eliminate the opposing team by hitting players with a ball or catching a throw
  • During the opening rush, players will run for the 3 balls on the right hand side of the center line. Balls must be activated by making contact with the back wall.
  • Sidelines cannot be stepped on or crossed at any time. The center line cannot be stepped on or crossed, except during the opening rush.
  • When a ball is picked up, a 10 second count is applied to the ball. The count follows the ball for the life of it and does not reset when passed to a teammate . If the ball is not used before this time, it is considered a ‘dead ball’ and must be surrendered by rolling it to the opposing team’s side.
  • A player is hit when an opposing throw makes ANY CONTACT, skims included, with their body, clothing, hair, etc…
  • Catching a ball eliminates the thrower and brings back an eliminated player from your team. Eliminated players are eligible to be ‘caught back in’ only if they are 1 arms length away from the referee (the center line where players line up when out). Players returning must follow the first-out first-in rule and must touch the back wall before rejoining the game.
  • Avoid being eliminated by dodging and blocking a ball. Blocked balls must be clean! Any ball that is blocked and makes contact with you afterwards is considered a hit and you are out.
  • When you are out, drop any balls that you are in possession of and raise your hand to indicate you are out while walking to the sideline.
  • Headshots and high throws are dangerous and can cause serious injury. THESE THROWS ARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. If a headshot does occur, they are still considered a hit.
  • When in doubt you are out! Referees are to enforce this rule. If there is any confusion on the players part and the referees cannot call safe, the player will be deemed out.

Game Setup

  • Teams are made up of not more than 6 players.
  • 6 balls are lined up on the centerline, 3 balls on each side.
  • Boundaries:
    • Sideline – Players are out if they step on or over the sideline at any time
    • Center line – Players are out if they step on or over the center line, except during the opening rush.
  • During each game, players follow the honour system with the support of referees to make calls. Referee calls are final. Sideline reffing is strongly discouraged as it slows down and causes confusion during the game.
  • Eliminated players will line up on the designated wall or sideline (announced at the beginning of the night) next to the referees in a first-out-first-in order.


  • A successful block occurs when a player uses a ball in their possession to block an opposing teams throw from hitting themselves.
  • A failed block occurs and eliminates a player when:
    • A ball in the player’s possession is knocked out of their hand
    • An opposing throw makes contact with a player’s ball, then the player, in an attempt to catch, drops or throws their ball.
    • An opposing throw makes contact with a player’s ball and then hits their body or clothing.


  • A catch is considered valid when a player maintains possession of an opposing throw while remaining within the boundaries with both feet.
  • When a catch occurs, the throwing player is out, and an eliminated player from the catching team is brought back in in a first-out-first-in order.
    • To be eligible to be caught back in, the player must be lined up next to referee on the designated side, within 1 arms length.
    • Returning players must touch the back wall in order to rejoin the game. Any balls touched before this, will be considered a dead ball.
    • Returning players must not hover at the back wall, waiting to activate themselves.
  • If a player attempts to catch a ball but uses a object or surface around them to assist in the catch, the catch is considered a trap, and the player is out.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for participants to enjoy a fun, respectable and safe playing environment, with the prospect of meeting new people. Organized drop-in is open to UFV students, alumni, faculty and staff. We require that all participants present their UFV Campus Card. All participants will be required to sign a waiver before using UFV athletic facilities.

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