The Student Activity Centre and Envision Athletic Centre is open to all UFV students, staff, faculty, and alumni, with a valid SAC membership sticker on their UFV Campus card.

Memberships can be purchased at the Student Activity Front Desk (E150) and is simple to do!

  1. Provide ID: In order to join, a valid, current UFV student/staff/faculty/alumni card is needed.
  2. Sign a waiver of liability.
  3. Choose a membership plan

Types of Memberships:

Plus Membership – gives you access to use the gymnasium & Fitness Centre

  • Year: $40
  • Term: $30

Basic Membership – gives you access to only the gymnasium

  • Year: $25
  • Term: $20

Drop-in – gives you access to use the gymnasium & Fitness Centre

  • Per visit: $5

Year Membership is from:
September 1 to August 31

Term memberships are:
Term 1 – September 1 to December 31
Term 2 – January 1 to April 30
Term 3 – May 1 to August 31

A year membership is included in all Baker House Residence fees. In order to obtain a membership sticker Baker House residence must provide their RESIDENCE ID Card and complete a waiver of liability at the Student Activity Centre front desk.

Your membership cards must be submitted at the front desk on each visit to the Athletic facility. It is also required when signing out any equipment from the front desk area or to rent a towel.

Guidelines for the Gymnasiums and Fitness Centre

  • Appropriate athletic clothing and footwear is required while using the facilities. No jeans, hiking boots, flip-flops or obvious street clothes. Absolutely no high heels or hard soled shoes in the gymnasiums.
  • The machines and weights should be used with care. Dropping plates, dumbbells, and weight stacks can cause injury and damage equipment and will not be tolerated.
  • Use collars on the barbells to hold plates on the bar.
  • It is recommended that a spotter is used when doing bench press or squats.
  • Return weights to the racks after use. Do not leave them for someone else to put away.
  • At peak times, there is a 30-minute limit on cardio equipment (this excludes UFV Rowers training onergs).
  • Wipe down all machines, benches and mats after every use.
  • No spectators or loitering allowed in the fitness centre.
  • Use a sweat towel when in the fitness centre. Sweat towels are available for use and are kept in the drawer in the fitness centre. After use, please hand in to Front Desk for laundry.
  • Shower towel rentals are also available for $1.00 at the Front Desk.
  • Food and beverages other then water are NOT permitted in the fitness centre or gymnasiums.
  • Personal belongings should be stored in locker room; however, it is allowed in the fitness centre, but items must be stored behind the desk area.
  • UFV will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal property.
  • Non-approved personal trainers are not permitted to train clients within our facilities.
  • If you experience dizziness, fatigue or acute pain, immediately stop what you are doing and report to the fitness centre or Front Desk staff.
Any user who does do not adhere to the above guidelines may be asked to leave.
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